Royce Flippin's novel Soundscape incorporates the lyrics of six songs written by the author. Click on the links below to read the full lyrics of each song. Click on the control bars at right to hear the songs themselves.

Set the Music Free

The Urban Zone anthem, which Blake first hears in the lobby of the Dazzle Palace, on Sunset Boulevard in L.A.

The Road to UZFest

This is the song Blake hears performed from the back of a flatbed truck just after he arrives in L.A., as a motley crew of musicians invite one and all to the Urban Zone Festival in New York City.

Pathfinder Blues

Strolling along the beach walkway in Venice, California with Blue and Serena, Blake’s attention is caught by a woman busking with acoustic guitar. He and his companions pause to listen while she sings this song.

Did You Ever?

Wandering through the Urban Zone of Seattle, Washington, Blake comes across a young runaway sitting on a building stoop, playing this song.

Ace of Hearts

When Blake and the motorcycle caravan he’s riding with set up camp for the night in Gillette, Wyoming, a local sheriff recognizes him and takes him into custody. As Blake sits handcuffed in the sheriff’s pickup, he hears this country music number playing on the radio.

So in Love With You

On the evening before the climactic speech in Tompkins Square Park by presidential candidate Max Fish, Serena asks to hear something that Blake wrote himself. This is the song he plays for her.

The Road to UZFest

So in Love with You

Did You Ever?